Using connection points to buy a computer

Some asked me today that they want to use their connection points to buy a computer. Never having done this before I decided to call the Administrator of the ACP connection programme. ACP is happy to do this. However the administrator was concerned, that few newsagencies could have that many points. Connection points do not go far.

This is not something I recommend as it is unlikely any connection points so spent could be claimable for tax. Say you need a TV for home and a new computer for work. If you use the connection points for a new TV and bought the computer, you could claim the computer off tax. Conversely if you bought a computer for work using connection points and bought a TV with cash, you would be unlikely to be able to claim the cost of the TV. This is a common problem with most reward systems.

However she said, if someone wanted to build up their connection points and they bought a system off us we could include many connection points as a thank-you.