PLUMMETING: The Age plumbs new depths as readership falls a record 10% in one year


VEXNEWS have always been negative to Fairfax for ideological reasons but their is truth in what they say here.

Most of us can see that something is wrong too as people we have known for years in Fairfax have suddenly gone.

The problem is much more than others such as News Corp mentioned here, Fairfax depends on advertising. Advertising for Fairfax is down and with these latest readership figures which apparently are the biggest drop ever since the Roy Morgan readership stats have been compiled their advertisers will be even less willing to pay for advertising. To the advertisers, it is simple if readership is 10% down then the advertising spot is worth 10% less.

Here I would argue that it is not just as Fairfax says the internet advertising is cheaper but that internet advertising is often better. We tried advertising for new staff in a Fairfax paper and got one response, on the internet using seek we got heaps.

Soon events in Fairfax could be very serious to newsagents.