It is always very special when people send in such letters. We certainly appreciate them.

Michael Varga - CEO
POS Solutions
23 Tuck Street

Dear Michael,

Recently Beaufort News and Tattslotto upgraded the newsagency computer system from DOS to POS Browser and Windows XP.

Prior to the upgrade we considered the following:

Improved efficiencies within the business
Service 24/7
Price - purchase and installation
Data transfer from old to new system
Features of POS browser
Tailor made to suit our own business
Management of the papers, magazines and stock
Productivity improvements - reduction of labour costs

After considering all of the above, we found that POS Solutions met these needs and we are extremely happy with our upgrade.

We are a small country Newsagency, operated by a husband and wife partnership, with minimal part time staff. Since the upgrade, the overall day to day operations of the business have been simplified.

We are extremely satisfied with the total installation of POS Browser. Should Newsagents want to upgrade or change their system we would highly recommend POS Solutions as their service and program is exceptional.


Jim and Mary Cox
Beaufort Newsagency