Business marketing

Hi guys,

Neil Chandler from NEWSINK asked me to write up a doco on business pricing, and a letter that I used at my shop to attract business customers. I have put together a document with what he wanted about business pricing. I would love any feedback you might have, anything I might have missed or anything that is a bit vague.

I also attached the letter I used to attract business customers to my newsagency at Toronto. We walked around to about 300 businesses and out of that, got 65 new business accounts, within a month! I gave each business a copy of the letter, an application form, and a copy of the latest NewsInk flyer. I just thought you all might be interested as well.

Thanks a lot,

Garth Brennan

Senior Newsagency Support

POS Solutions Australia, NSW Office
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North Ryde NSW 2113

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Please click the following details for the actual documents.

Business letter

Business account application

Creating a business discount structure.pdf