HWT subscriptions data

News Corp has just completed their tests on home delivery data using our DOS system and finally the latest changes were successful as they achieved the required results.

Considering how long this has been going on, I felt like screaming hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!

What I liked is that News Corp unlike other vendors recognised the work we put into the project and thanked us for that effort. They should also thank both Arie at McKinnon Newsagency and David at Dundas Place Newsagency as both were patient and helpful during the tests!

In retrospect, the changes were not that big, it is just that no-one was sure of what was needed. So we jumped forward a step and then discovering that we need to go back as the step we need was in a different path. That is the trouble when you are doing new stuff.

Naturally, HWT want these changes available to all the POS Dos users so we are going to have to add these changes into the existing system. Since we need to update every DOS system we have to make sure that it is 120% correct. So it will started to be shipped early October.

Then you should start to see better subscription data coming from News Corp.