Is now available in our system.

This is because in the last year, "buy now and pay later" payment type has just taken off in retail. Just walk through any shopping centre now and you will see shops displaying signs for AfterPay and ZipPay which by far are the largest players in this market. As most customers who use such cards tend to have both, I think it is important that all retailers should have at least one of these payment types on offer.

The big advantage to the retailer with ZipPay compared to Afterpay is the costs. ZipPay is almost half the cost, the cost is about 2% to 4%. Since it takes only a short time to get it, a person could literally walk into your shop, get a zippay in a minute and you can get confirmation the payment is accepted and then you get paid by 4 pm that day at no risk to yourself.

Note it cost nothing to get it and if you do not use it, it cost nothing and it does open up a large market.

As far as the public is concerned here is the graph of public interest in ZipPay according to google trends in the last 12 months in Australia. As you can see it has grown by 3 times. The recent drop is because the Christmas period is over.

If you want it integrated into your point of sale software let us know.