Your store management for perishable stock

These sort of short-lived items create a problem for many antiquated point of sale system. However, it is quite a common problem in many stores who need to handle perishable stock, and it does create a tricky stock management environment. The problem here are the losses in excess stock are irreplaceable once the stock goes over its use-by date as it has to be chucked. Often these losses are over 15%. Conversely insufficient stock leads to lost sales. Since the losses are potentially higher, this often results in these departments of much more missed sales then most other departments.

The other problem is that it requires a system capable of handling multiple often only estimated stock item costs.

Ours are one of the few fully integrated software applications that can handle this.

With our software, you can accurately forecast demand or get the computer to do it for you automatically taking into account the latest changes in demand.

Some advantages are

  • Accurate stock management
  • Reduction in out-of-stocks
  • Enhanced sales
  • Automatic ordering
  • Real-time alerts

Then our reporting ensures that you will know your significant numbers, including the number of sales, the gross and net profit by stock item and the family and class of your stock in real time.