You now need a scanner that can read barcodes on mobiles


Most mobile in their payment solutions has a section where a person can add a loyalty barcode. Why should I carry ten plus different loyalty cards when I can use this section. Retailers know this, so now they are moving away from plastic retail loyalty cards and going digital.  The added benefit is that they save money on plastic cards.

To do this, you need a 2D Imager Barcode Scanners to scan barcodes on mobile devices. While laser scanners' low price point is now attractive, do not buy these scanners if you intend to scan a barcode off of a mobile phone screen as they cannot scan the mobile screen. This is because these scanners emit light, and then they check the reflected light. The problem is that modern mobile screens today have anti-reflection technology to prevent glare so the laser scanner cannot read the reflected light.  

For this reason, we now recommend 2D imaging barcode scanners.



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