You Need 24/7 Information Access


Today business needs 24/7 access yet some POS systems are installed on-site on local computers with no cloud. These systems are exposed to many risks, such as data loss. Something goes wrong, and sometimes your data is gone.

So we offer a cloud-based backup. The shop can burn down. Everything inside is lost, and your data is safe. Besides added protection, the added advantage is that using this. You can consult your information anywhere at any time by logging into your cloud backup.

Why do you need 24/7 information access?

Here is an example of a common situation now when two people out of the shop need figures.


Let me give you an example of what happened to me. I went home early one day. I then got an urgent call at 4 pm that some of the information for the stock cost was missing. I tried to help the person on the phone, but they could not get it. So I logged into our cloud system at home and was able to call up the information immediately. That saved me an urgent trip back to work.

Today, we need to have this sort of information immediately.

The Cloud will allow you to better manage and control your shop, even if you are away from it.

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