You can do more with toys then boys and girls


According to reports, I get the Australian toy market is now doing well. 

Yet, when I asked a few of my clients about this, I got confusing messages. Part of the reason is that here, I think, is that it's a big market. What you need to do is carefully find your ideal target markets in the toy industry. Then narrow your focus on those segments.  You cannot be all things to all people.

Looking through the reports, here is one segment you should look at if you are in toys, toys for pets.  

You have the technology as your Point of Sale system now is probably the best in this market.

This market is growing at about 7% a year, and it is growing both in units sold and unit price. 

Here are some demographics to help you to determine whether your customers are buying these products. 

-Unlike most toys markets, it is men that spend more than women on pets
-Homeowners spend more.
-Married couples spend more.
-People who live in the suburbs spend more.

If you think you tick these boxes, have a chew on entering this market.


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