XChangeIT what needs to be done

Yesterday we were looking at our CRM and its KPIs. The increase on last week support same day was 30% higher. That is a massive increase, it was high compared to the last year's Monday before the Melbourne Cup. We immediately started to investigate. Why today so many calls? Why are we getting hammered today? Our receptionist smiled and said XChangeIT again. Network returns are not working, everyone is ringing up.

Her attitude is not surprising it comes up every year in our annual survey, in our 2010 survey people nominated as the most problem item with their system.

XChangeIT and problems

Of course Murphy's law would say, a problem like this would have to occur on a busy day when people were ringing up because of the Melbourne cup day tomorrow.

Still this brings a situation that I hate. Valuable support resource being eaten up with problems which no-one can do much about while people who had problems that can be solved are being delayed because of poor communication. That is very bad business.

In view of how important XChangeIT has become in many shops, the present situation is just not good enough. We have news feeds built into our software in our software that allows us to communicate with all our users immediately. Others have recently introduced a similar service. So should XChangeIT. If there is a problem all users, newsagency groups, and we should be notified immediately though XChangeIT newsfeed with a message "Problem with ....., expected solution is in ...., in the meantime this work about ..... is available." Not through the current ad-hoc system.