XChangeIT sales data - getting ugly


XChangeIT is now starting to ring up their clients who are not sending sales data and talking about increasing their XChangeIT fees and talking of fining them for not sending this sales data.

To me, it sounds fair. Many people are getting a discount because they are sending something of value, the sales data. If someone is not sending the sales data why should they get the discount?

So we are now doing a campaign to our clients to explain the importance of sales data, and offering to make sure their system is sending back accurate and timely sales data. Many of you will get a newsletter about it very soon.

If you wonder is the sales data being used, the answer is YES. By not sending sales data, it is costing the newsagency in bad distributions.

It soon could cost the newsagency because of an unnecessary increase in fees!

If you are not sending sales data and using Xchangeit we have here an information sheet explaining how to set up sales history here. (Outdated file - decommissioned) It will take only a few moments to set it up, then you can forget about it.