XChangeIT invoice files

Just because a company is not part of XChangeIT system does not mean that you are unable to get the invoice files. There is a actually a large part of the industry that is capable of sending these files using email. Generally they use the older DDO file formats which are actually a modified format from our invoice formats.

For example Hallmark are able to send you these files by email if you ask. Some of these companies that can do it are not particularly big an example here might be Gallery Collection.

So it is worth asking your rep when you can whether they can do it. At the very least it might get them interested. If they can do it, it can save you a lot of time if you have a point of sale system. This is regardless if you have the older 32-bit windows system or the newer 64-bit systems.

I was actually quite upset when one supplier asked recently XChangeIT for help on producing these files and was rebuffed because they had no intention of using the XChangeIT system. Considering that the ANF owns so much of XChangeIT, one would expect that XChangeIT would be encouraging suppliers to have these files regardless of whether they are going through their system.

Anyway we are currently working with three newsagent suppliers to get these files for our clients with their system, we expect that soon we will have an important announcement about this.