Queensland floods in the North

It is hard to say what is happening up there as in many areas telephones and the internet is down but the Queensland Newsagency Federation to its credit has just done a phone ring around of its members in the North in the flood areas. Lucky no-one has reported anyone badly hurt or worse. Although in some places no-one knows what is happening as all the QNF can report is the town flooded and no phones are being answered.

Still although it had fewer responses than we have received from our clients in the region it basically confirms what I said a few days ago.

There are two major problems, the first is the actual water damage. Floods appear to be very much all or nothing. If the shop is unlucky to be in the waters' path, the fixtures, stock, carpet and the building will take a lot of damage.

The next problem is, even if the newsagencies is not water damaged, and they are trying to stay open with the roads being flooded many newsagencies are not getting magazines, newspapers or other stock, so they have little to sell. One newsagency told me yesterday that this week, they have had one shipment of magazines on Monday and nothing else.

It is certainly causing weird sort of problems to those trying to run a business as we can see by the calls coming in. Currently, about half our support calls are from people suffering from these floods. I just have everyone including myself, answering calls.