World Chocolate Day in Your Shop


World Chocolate Day is celebrated in Australia on the 7th July.  It’s a great opportunity for you to celebrate this delicious occasion in your shop to boost your sales and attract more customers. Over the years it has proven to be a successful event in the shop.

You will probably find that your chocolate supplier can help you with this. Haig Chocolates, for example, has this promotion going for its chocolates. One point is that the chocolate products for this festival are marketable after the festival.


It is not hard to get involved, Create a unique display for chocolate, it does not need to be that big only noticeable. Decorate your shop with some chocolate-themed signs. Create bundles or packages that include different types of chocolate. Maybe include as well some complementary products, such as wine, cheese or nuts.

Whatever you do on World Chocolate Day, make sure you too enjoy it with chocolate, it is always great to get into the festive spirit.

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