wireless printers

A while ago, I spoke about such printers and said that wireless is not a recommended solution. It does have two big advantages, which is why we do sometimes sell them. Because its portable it can be, very handy if you want to print something in an unusual place, and it can be moved anywhere by anyone. The other big advantage is if you need an emergency printer, you can take one from home to work, if required. So for these people here are some points for them to consider.

So if you do need such a printer, here are some points that you need to consider in selecting such a printer.

- Be aware that the wireless can have problems connecting, particularly in places like shopping centres that are alive with signals. You may need to experiment, where is a good place to place them.

- You need to have instructions nearby because every now and then they do need reinstalling and/or reconnecting. It's a pain, but it happens often with such printers that you need to switch off the computer and printer and restart them. Furthermore, check that these instructions are readable and clear.

- Check that you can get the correct drivers for your computers, also even if you are not on win10 yet, just in case make sure that you can get drivers for win10.

- Check the print quality and remember 95% plus you print will be in black and white.

- If you intend to do envelope printing, check that too.

- How fast does it print? No-one wants to wait.

- How much do you get out of a toner?

- How much are toners, toners today can be dearer then the printer. In fact, some people are buying cheap printers coming with a free toner and as the printer with a toner is cheaper than the toner, when the toner runs out, buy a new printer.

- Ask what happens if you do not use the printer for a while, many will clog up as the ink dries up in them. Also findout what *A WHILE* means for that printers.

- Although probably not so important for printers used only occasionally in point of sale, you should check the power consumption, as some of these printers use a lot of juice.

- Does it look like it can take punishment, shops are not clean offices, staff there are often in a hurry and as sure as the day follows night these printers will get some hard knocks.