No physical returns of magazine

As far as I know only our clients can achieve Gold Status from GG, many that have already done so and benefited from *NOT* having to do any physical returns of magazines. This is a real cost saving to them and it of course adds value to our system and their business.

This has not been an easy process for us to deploy this section of our software which we did despite our many concerns over the costs coming out of the XChangeIT links largely dealing with the quality of their data. So we did some soul searching. Our conclusion is that despite magazines sales dropping 8% a year last year and two years ago it was to a magazine seller $500,000/year turnover. So today it would be valued at $423,000, which is still a big department for many of our clients. The cost of physically doing the returns would be about the same for both years and unless someone pulls the plug on the department, these returns have to be done. Having the returns automated, and no physical return make our clients' job easier and it will save them heaps of money and time.

To our users, we hope you enjoy the time saving and extra income that you now get.