Windows 11: Three features that will excite our users



It was funny last night. Microsoft goes on about what a great cloud provider they are, and their presentation on Windows went down. So most of us to listen to their presentation went to youtube (Google) to listen to this presentation. 

Anyway, as I stated, Windows 11 is coming, late 2021. For many of our users, on Windows 10, the switch will be free. I would suggest that our users remain on Windows 10 till Microsoft bed down the product. If all goes well, I expect that most organisations will start to switch over about 3 to 6 months later. It all takes time. 

The good news is that it is faster. It will load and display faster. I particularly liked the new Direct Storage, allowing us to upload to the graphic card directly. This will give us shorter load times and instant graphics. Soon you will have less waiting for our software to load. 

The graphics are better so we should be able to make clearer screens. This will be a big plus for people who have poor eyesight. 

The other exciting point is that we will be able to load Android apps into our software directly. This will help a lot with our growing integration with smartphones and tablets. Imagine soon you will just be able to find a product in Google Play and then just using it in our software.

They also have added an improved voice to computer text. I am not sure whether we will drop dragon speak yet. This is important as our system is the only one in our marketplace that I know used by people in the MS community. I will get back to you about this.

Overall it's good news, and many of our clients and we cannot wait to check it out.

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