Windows 11 is coming, what in it for you?


Windows 11 looks all but inevitable. It is expected that it will be announced at the Microsoft Windows Event tomorrow at 1 am tonight.

If you want to watch the LIVE stream, click here. I will be watching.

That a new version of Windows was coming was a surprise. With Windows 10, Microsoft was adamant that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows. Now it announced that Windows 10 would be supported till 2025. If you are wondering what your Microsoft product's status is, you can find your answer here.

What is the situation with Windows 11, I can only guess. If it moves forward like Windows 10, we will soon get an official trial version to test very soon? We and just about everyone else as a result of the leak now have a Windows 11 developer version. What we did notice that it ran faster than Windows 10. Although there is more to this, this alone is a critical point for us. Soon more advanced copies will come as time goes along. Sometime in October, it will be mass released unless something goes terribly wrong. Then we expect that some people will be able to update free to the latest copies of Windows for a limited time. But it will only be after a few months that manufacturers of computer and components will release their new firmware and drivers to run on the latest version of Windows. Some equipment we will be told they are dumping. This last bit has always been the major problem for us, as many people switching to the newest version of Windows suddenly discover that much of their equipment no longer works and/or their equipment does weird things, etc. Then a significant upgrade of Windows is released, which is mainly a bug fix. It takes time before things are worked out.

Almost certainly, more information will be released tonight.

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