Will your computers run Windows 11?


This is what your POS Software looks like under Windows 11. We are starting to turn our software into Windows 11.  

What is the big and entirely unexpected problem is that it appears that many computers will not run Windows 11. When we went to check some PC running Windows 11, we got messages like this.

This was true on computers that should be based on the Windows 11 System Requirements page be okay. Double-checking with the Compatibility for Windows 11 documentation we found some disagreements with the requirements page. Now it appears the new PC Health Check app is removed till they work it out.

When we went and checked further, it appears that some computers still being sold, like Microsoft's Surface Studio 2, will not be upgradeable to Windows 11. This is unbelievable as this computer is a $7,500 PC actively sold now by Microsoft agents. It is considered now classy and expensive computer yet it appears that it cannot run Windows 11, it is stupid to buy them. So just in case, we are actively reviewing all the computers that we are marketing now as we do not want our users running old software. 

So at present, my suggestion is not to rush into new computers as it's a mess.

Hopefully, this will all be sorted out soon but don't count on that.

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