Will you pay For News Online? Rupert Murdoch says yes


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Today with so much news free on the internet, many newspaper companies are struggling to get revenue. Rupert Murdoch thinks the answer is to charge the readers an access fee. If it works for him, he expects others will follow him.

Google responded about this here. While they agreed he could charge, they then pointed out that.

More than 25,000 news organizations across the globe choose to make their content available in Google News and other web search engines. They do so because they want their work to be found and read

Now I doubt all these 25,000 news organisations will charge, and I suspect the public will go to them.

Also, this debate is unlikely to affect us soon, as Stephen Browning, News Digital Media's Director of Corporate in Australia, said

that whilst the company was continuing to explore options, there were "no immediate plans" for pay walls on Australian sites.

Bottom line: In Australia, online news will continue to be free.