Why the delay in your ePay Authorisation?


Afterpay Touch networks announced the closure of its virtual product section on the 30th June!

So started a mad rush, to get ePay integrated solution implemented in time. This turned out to be a continual source of frustration for all.

Unfortunately, ePay authorisation for the integrated solution was delayed. This is as their testing division was on part-time because of COVID-19. Still for obvious reasons we were authorised first, so we made the deadline.

But to implement ePay requires their authorisation. Since there is so much money involved, this is not something that they give lightly. I have had a client in the six-figure amount. As such, each account has to be approved so the average account set up time is two to four weeks after you have submitted your application. This is why we were telling people to submit their application long ago.

As such, I would suggest that you do not get very worried if you have not heard from them yet. If you have an issue please let me know.

We are all working through it and we are aware that many of you are right now are cut off from Telco products. Please it is troubling times and we are together trying to get through it.

Note if you wish to see what ePay have to offer please look here.

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