Why the Best Shopping Holiday Is One You Make Up Yourself


This is a marketing tip that may give you some ideas. I was reading this article here.

Where the writer makes some excellent points, which are well worth a quick read. One point that she makes that makes a lot of sense.


There are plenty of holidays already in the US the National calendar recognizes 1,100 annual holidays, ...He adds that his site doesn’t even cover all the holidays in existence. So although "you may think: Wait a tick, aren't there already a gazillion holidays? And isn’t it weird—possibly off-putting—to just coin a new one?"

Well, this point makes lots of sense.

"Therein lies the beauty of made-up holidays: There's no competition."

Here are some ideas.

What about making an annual shop or branch founding birthday sale, we are now XX years in business. Some of my clients could make a 100 years of serving the community sale.

There is no reason why a trade organisation could not make a national newsagent day, a national pharmacist day or a national pet shop day. I am sure some suppliers would be interested in helping out with some good deal for customers.