Why doing customer satisfaction surveys are valuable? 



What are customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are surveys sent out to your customers. These help you to understand what your customers think about their experience with you. Many large organisations use them today. 


Why is customer satisfaction important?

If customers are not satisfied, then they are looking elsewhere. They can be buying from you, but they are looking. Soon they will find someone. 

Why collect customer feedback?

Easy to do once you have many of their email addresses. Which is not hard to get, make a loyalty program with the condition that no discount is payable unless the person signs up to the loyalty program. If they are accepting the offer, why should they not receive the opportunity to get more offers? 

Now you do not need many. Mathematically a 100 people answering gives you a 10% error, which is more than good enough for this business purpose. 

Many services are free to send it out. The one we use is Mailchimp. As it is free, why not use it. If it does not work out, you can always try something better or drop the idea. At least you will know better at the end what you need.

Are we practising what I am preaching?



Over the past few weeks, many of you have noticed that we are sending these out. The reading of these surveys has shown us much interesting information. 


I ask you to keep filling them out. I can assure you that every one of them will be read and thought about.

I also ask you to consider using them too.

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