Why are clients feel much more in control?

One point that gets raised by our new users is how much more in control they are over their software compared to what they had. They can decide when they want to update, if they want to be updated and when they want to be updated.

Part of the reason for that is because the upgrades we did last year but much of it is because we have extensive notes that get distributed internally so they can see what the updates will be, and they know at all times what is happening.

You can see these update's notes by going into.

Cash register> reports > Automatic Updates > Automatic Updates Notes History

Select when you wish to know what the updates are for and out pops these detailed notes.

I think this control is important are people are not comfortable, unless they feel in control of their environment. There is far too much thoughtless software that forces people into unplanned interactions, confusing pathways, and surprising outcomes. By keeping people in the know, giving them this control and by explaining the reasons for the changes we give them that.

This control is a major point of difference for us.