What to look for in a touch screen

Touch screens are definitely the future, from windows 8 onwards it is all designed to be used with touch.

I find touch more initiative and faster to use. Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a touch screen.

Firstly, check the picture quality. Furthermore, check how bright it is, this part is a matter of personal choice. For example, I have noticed that I prefer it brighter than most people. What I have noticed about touch screens is that the screen often appears to be more reflective then normal screens. There is little anyone can do about this. Sometimes on these screens, I also notice they go a bit blurry for a short time; this blurriness goes quickly away, but I have found no way to stop this.

Now check the number of simultaneous touches the touch screen can have, control alt delete is three yet many touch screens can only handle two touch points.

While you are doing this check the power and control buttons often on a touch screen, these are too easy to accidentally press. Make sure it's not going to be a problem.

In addition, check the stand, a touch screen monitor is different from a standard monitor because it is hands-on. If you are standing you tend to want a touch screen that is leaning backwards slightly, if you are sitting you want one that has a greater inclinations. So check the viewing angles. This is why I prefer the screen to be on a stand to give me wide movement.

Check the cables supplied, some do not supply cables, if they are not supplied there will be an extra cost.

Personally I would recommend using desktop speakers as I do not care much for the integrated speakers in the monitor. The other problem with these integrated speaker if use in a business situation the software keeps making these noises beep, beeps, beep, which can get quite irritating.

Because monitors do last a while whatever windows version you are using now, you also need to make sure that it will work with Windows 10.

Hope this helps.