What is your NPS score?


This has been called the ultimate question in business, and I am sure that you have at one stage answered this question.

What it is, is a very simple, objective and powerful tool to measure your client satisfaction. What it gives you is a number that is easy to understand. Since it is widely used, the results can be benchmarked. It can also be tracked over time. That is why we have used in for many years.

The implementation itself is simple, all you do is ask 30+ people this question exactly as above written here. Now this is important, do not change this question in any way, there are sound and long involved reasons why it is written like this. Just ask AS IS.

Once you have enough responses now collate the answers by the number of people who answered for each number.

Now add the number that answered 0,1,2,3,4, etc.

After that enter your responses into an NPS calculator, many are available online
The ones who answered from 0-6 are called Detractors, that is why they are marked in red. These people are considered unhappy customers who can spread negative word-of-mouth points about you. They clearly are not particularly happy.

7-8 these are called Passives. They are in yellow. They are considered to being satisfied, but they are not particularly enthusiastic for your goods and services. They probably will not say anything negative about you but are not going to promote you either.

9-10 are called Promoters. They are in green. They like you. They probably buy much from you and push you to other potential customers. We all want more of those.

Now what is your score?

I have seen companies with negatives; it is clearly not a good position to have!

Most companies get a Net Promoter Score of about 5 to 10. What it means is that they have almost as many unhappy customers as happy customers. If you are getting that, then you need to pull your act up.

A pass is considered to being 20, and a score of around 30-40 is seen as good.

There are some companies that get scores in the 50 to 80 but in my experience many claim this are just making it up. Be honest with yourself.

It can be useful to plot over time, your NPS scores.

Here is a clipping from Australia Post to show you how they do it.


As you can see they were very average with an NPS of 10.8 in 2013. They have steadily improved and they are now 15, which is better but clearly not a pass here although they seem happy with that score, I know though I would not be happy with that score.


Have a shot, if you want to discuss it please let me know. Overall it should take you a few hours tops to do and I am sure you will find it most useful.