Analysis of our integrated Bill Pay system

Our point of sales system has an integrated Bill Payment which is available free to all our clients.

There is NO CHARGE to activate or to use it. No monthly fees. No cost. It contains somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 bill payer, making it most likely the largest bill pay system in Australia.

It is very competitive and using it; you can offer your clients a cheaper service then may of the majors, including Australia Post.

Although clearly the trend in Bill Payments in shops are down, you would not see it in the figures as it is a massive market. Everyone has plenty of bills to pay, and many people prefer to go into a shop and pay it there. One reason I am sure is because they can pay cash.

So I went and did an analysis of how many payments were our clients doing over the last 12 days.

So here are some fast facts.

The first point I did was filter out those that were doing less than one payment a day. Clearly, these people are not serious about it, probably they are just using it for their own convenience. Overall, the shops ranged from 52 to 112 payments during this 12-day period. The average was during this period just over 76 payments or about 6.5 a day. So it drew into the shop about six people a day which is pretty good. How much would you pay an advertiser to get six people a day that actually buy something into your shop?

The Most Popular Day for doing Bill Payments was Thursday, and then surprisingly Tuesday while the least well-liked day was Sunday, possibly because few of the shops are open then.

The most popular state for my clients doing Bill Payments was Queensland and then Western Australia.

If this interests you, and you want to have a Bill Payment service in your shop, please let us know so we can activate you.