What is trending now in retail?


If you need some ideas on what is selling now, this procedure can be used.

Click on Amazon website here. 

This gives you a list of the top-selling items on the Amazon platform broken down by department

Click on the appropriate department for you e.g. stationery or pet supplies

Now out will pop the top-selling items in that department updated hourly.

Look for something that looks interesting for your shop. I would suggest if you do not know the product to read the reviews, so you will have some ideas of what people thought about it and what exactly they are looking for in those products.

I selected stationery and then saw the top-selling product there was whiteboard markers something that I would never have expected.

Now since I was a bit stunned, I decided to check what Australia thinks about it in general, so I check out google trends. In google trends, I put in whiteboard markers and found this.

Look in the red just how much interest there is in that product now since March 22. 


If you want you can do it with eBay {link no longer available} anyway I think you will find it easier to research on Amazon.

Have a go and as always let me know what you think?




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