We are Green and no-one knows it


I got a document issued by the government and notice it claimed that the newsagency industry is extremely competitive in world standards in recycling paper which is its core product.

Doing a quick net search, I discovered that newspaper recycling rate here has gone from 28% in 1990 to 75.4% in 2005. About 86% of Australian-made cardboard, 9% of tissue, 31% of newsprint, and 9.5% of printing and writing paper is from this material. Overall Australians are one of the highest reusers of recycled paper. Did you know that?

If you want to read some details on the newsprint and magazine recycle programme it is available on the pneb site

Yet I was shocked! No-one is telling anyone that newsagencies are green and so no-one knows about it even in the industry.

My suggestion is that we should as an industry looks into this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.