Warning on wireless keyboards in your POS system

Many of you have been replacing your cabled keyboards with wireless keyboards. These are regular keyboards that are not connected to your computer by any cables but use either radio or infrared to connect to your computer.

There are many advantages for a wireless keyboard, as you can you put your keyboard in the most convenient location without having to worry about the cord, you can move your keyboard around and at night store it away. During the day, it is very handy when doing say stock control with your POS software to be able to pick up the keyboard, walk to a heavy box 10 metres away and put in there your information.

There are some problems though that come about, they tend to be slower in use. People who type fast often complain, some areas tend to have problems as there is too much interference, and as they use batteries, they stop working when the battery goes flat and that always causes a problem until someone realises that the battery gone.

There is now, however another big problem and that is security. Most of them, in particular, the older ones do not have encryption so a simply device; a keySniffer can intercept and read what you have entered on your keyboard. Which can be anything including a passwords or credit card information. Which presents a problem with the most popular wireless keyboard, the K400, which is the old model that has been replaced overseas but is still very popular in Australia, which is not surprisingly as I think it's a great keyboard.

wireless keyboard

Here is a list of wireless keyboards affected.

For those interested in the technical issues, here is a youtube explaining in detail. The problem for those that the patch is explained at 30min38s of this video. This suggests to me that logitech response here is dubious but please make your own mind up.

We contacted logitech about this in July of this year, when we first were made aware of the problem and got no response from them.

So our advice now, is if you use a wireless keyboard at work, make sure it uses encryption.