Virtual products activation

The Swish Group is introducing a range of music cards. They want to sell them into newsagents to competition to iTunes by this Xmas. It is an exciting product, however it does not leave us a lot of time.

A problem is that after the product is sold, the retailer scans a special barcode on the back of the product. Then the product is activated.

There are some problems; I can think of. Although it is easy to do, you still need to show people how to do it. Say 2,000 newsagencies take on the product. That is at least 2,000 people that need training. Those people have to then have to know it well enough to train up many more people. Once they are trained up it is still messy. Who wants on the front counter to muck about activating product?

Then on many registers in shops, broadband is not available so it cannot be activated.

Also there is shop theft, if the item has already been activated the retailer will not know it is damaged till he tries to activate it. What happens then? Nodoubt you can think of more problems.

I think a better solution is a number covered by a seal on the back of the card that a buyer removes and activates at home.