Using technology to reduce customer payment fraud


A receipt like this below can be generated by your customer from their bank account.

Using this you can say goodbye to paper receipts.


As you can see, this has your logo as well as the sales details of the transaction. It does not have to be a bank transaction as this receipt can be produced on any payment type: cash, EFTPOS/Credit, Bitcoin, etc. 

Formally it is called DTI, and it is the most advanced receipt format available.

There are other more significant advantages to the retailers too with DTI besides that a customer can see this receipt from their bank account. 

Some other advantages would be

- A copy of the receipt does not have to be given to the customer.

- Free SMS sending of receipts (This function is coming in a few days) 

- A verified copy of the receipt is always available to the customer

- Misuse of a receipt is more challenging. Say someone grabbed a receipt from a rubbish bin and tried to claim it in your shop. Now that person has an added problem. They may need to show how come this receipt is not in their account. 

- Similarly, a forged copy of receipts is much harder as a copy is available on a bank-approved secured server.  

It will be available on Monday for our clients free. 

Let us know if you want to try DTI?

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