Using Parcel delivery updates in your shop 




Parcel delivery updates are generally emails. These are sent to people to tell them where their parcel is and the expected delivery details. 

Today most people appreciate getting them. 

So if you are sending your customers goods by courier or doing it yourself, it is good to send them. You can use our POS Software to do it, or you can forward to your customer the information as you get it by email. 

Here are some benefits

) It provides an appreciated service to your customer. 

) Provides a personal touch to your business.

) It reduces the amount of work you need to do. Customers with this tracking information will generally contact the courier company directly if there is a problem - this sort of keeps you out of the problem loop. 

) It puts your name out to an engaged customer. For this reason, always put a picture of your shop or logo with your details in the email. Also, set in the email a link to your social media, e.g. Facebook page. 

) It provides you with an excuse to get your customer's email for both future marketing and accounting reasons.

I do not see any downside.

You have a good reason to contact your customer; why not use it? 


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