User meetings

Unfortunately, we have had to change the times and date of the proposed Melbourne user meeting. 8:00am start I think everyone will agree is a ridiculous. As we will be holding them from 9:30am to 1:00pm with two small breaks. I am a great believer that no session should be over an hour. So we will be providing two breaks with some light refreshments and biscuits all free.

The agenda will be:

The first hour will be on cash register and the new advanced security for money. Since the Caloudra bug hit, the security issue in a point of sale needs to be discussed. Unlike so many bugs, the Caloudra bug can close a business. To combat it, we have made a lot of changes in the security which needs to be explained.

The next hour will be on our new technology, including the web integration that we have released recently which will change much in retail. Currently, what has happened is that while there are website content systems out there like Wix, Wordpress, Magento and Shopify to name a few, these options our users find in practice are often limited to simple functions, plus the integration is messy and poor compared to our software solution.

The final hour will be open to general questions.

Tentitively the user meeting will be on 19 April in Victoria.

The NSW meeting is still scheduled on the 26th April.