USB stick in many ways still a good backup method if used properly


USB stick in many ways still a good backup method if used properly

Currently, the most significant security problem our clients face is ransomware. It is common. What it does is blocks your system and demand you pay money to use your system. Interesting some pay and are still blocked. This is why we recommend no one pays. 

Now it is easy enough for a person who has a backup to overcome this problem, all they do is go back to backup, but there is always a but, often the ransomware blocks the backup too. This is because if your computer has access to the backup, so does the ransomware.

There are a few ways to overcome this problem; USB sticks are probably the best and probably cheapest. They are easy to use. Stick them in a computer, do a backup on to them and take them out. The last point is very important.

- Once the backup is finished, take the USB stick out of the computer! Only while doing a backup should a USB stick be in the computer.

- Regularly check your backups are working. I have seen USB sticks that appear to work, but when we tested them were saving nothing.

Hope this helps






How do you test that the backup file on the USB is working and can be used in the event it is needed?

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