Update automatically most windows software



If you have a decent computer, it can be very frustrating when you go to run a program; you get a message do you want to update? You generally want the upgrade, as everyone wants to run the latest software with the most recent improvements but NOW is often not the time.

If so this program would be of interest to you. We use it to upgrade our clients' computers often.

What it does it checks what you have, then checks if it is one of its 301 popular applications in its library, and if so will ask you which ones you want to upgrade, I generally go all and once I say YES it will in bulk update them all. It then installs and updates them automatically, while you are doing something else.

What is also useful is that if you do not have some of these programs and want them, you select them too and it will download and install them too automatically.

One point I strongly recommend before using this program in options set it to run a restore point first in options, just in case.