Top Account Software for 2017 in POS

As picking the best accountancy software for a retail shop is essential, we annually survey our users to see which ones are the most popular with them. Here is what we got! Considering our large user base, I am sure it would be typical of SMB retail stores in Australia

It is interesting to compare this results we found in 2016.

MYOB 47.3%
Quicken/Reckon 30.9%
Cashflow manager 7.3%
Xero 3.6%
Others 8.9%

As you can see MYOB remained the market leader, it went up by about 10% mainly at the expense of Quickbooks.

Although we did not ask it does appear that the overwhelming majority used the software on their computer but a growing number can use the cloud as all these systems can be cloud based which is undoubtedly the way the industry is going. The significant advantage of the cloud is you can use it anywhere.

Although with us most of our clients can run integrated, most are running non-integrated with a few commenting that they prefer running it non-integrated something I can understand.

My thought on accountancy programs is I like Quickbooks or Reckon, mainly because the flexibility in reporting but MYOB with its more structured approach for many retail businesses might for many be better. Overall these are all excellent solutions. All can do the job. It depends on what you like and what works for you.