Too much excessive discounting


Sale by discounting

One trap that many retailers fall into is discounting too much to sell product. In my experience retailers often start the discounting to maintain sales levels when the items sales performance drops. Unfortunately, the increase in sales volume produced by discounting is not enough to maintain profits but it can be misleading as it looks like it is selling well. As this continues after a while, there is a real danger to the business. 

We have a terrific report that can alert you to this problem early.

In the reports,> Go to Discounted Items Sales Summary 

It is shown marked with a green arrow below.

Discount menu item

Fill in the appropriate responses and here is the basic report that appears.


Discount report

What it is showing is sales and most importantly for this question here the selling discount history. 

Note the large discount that had to be given to the Clemens Bears here to sell them. 


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