Tip: Clean your POS system regularly

Retail generally is a dirty environment. In time, dirt gets into everything quickly due to static electricity that the equipment generates. Left to itself the dust will clog up the fans which keep the units cool, this causes them to run hotter then they should. Furthermore, it can create an eye sore on the counter, so making a bad impression to your clients. Also its not pleasant to work on dirty machinery

Plus it is a health problem as university studies have shown. Most point of sale equipment are in common use. How many different people touch, for example, the EFTPOS unit? As a result, there is a high probability of transmission.

For all these reasons, I recommend cleaning your equipment regularly.

One point I must stress, always switch off the electricity before cleaning the equipment and never use any spray directly on the computer or parts.

Here is a youtube, I recommend you watch before you start cleaning.