Tip: Checking Matters in Your shop

This sign put up over the point of sale counter in a shop is now going viral on the net.

Such a simple little typo can turn you and your shop into a laughing stock. It certainly will not make the shop look very professional although I am sure you will get a few laughs. Although this is a dramatic example, I have seen statements go out to every customer of a shop with a bad spelling mistake. It looked bad alright and I am sure this is not the image that the shop retailers wanted to convey to their clients. Today it only takes a second nowadays of sloppy work and it goes out. It happens I noticed a lot with Chinglish. Also with people trying to look sophisticated with their high school French, it is very easy for an Australian speaker to muck up the le, la and les in French.

Here are some tips that can help me and they may help you

) Put the words in a google search and see what google says

) Read the writing backwards

) Run a spell-check

) Write out the wording and then ask a few people what they think. A fresh pair of eyes always helps. This also helps with the problem of a word being used incorrectly. This sign, for example, a spell checker would not have picked up the error.