This is your last chance to join the stocktaking meeting


Last call for your stocktaking webinar which will be held Facebook Live, on Friday 26th June, at 10 am!


What we will cover will be 

-Various Stocktaking methods

There are several stocktaking methods that our user's typical use. We will be running over the options and how to proceed with each one in term. This will enable you to plan your approach.

-How to Stock Take whilst your shop is trading

We will run through what you should do so the shop can still trade which you are doing a stocktake. 

-Understanding Stocktake reports

You need a final figure, we will show you how to get that. Yet you can get so much more from your stocktake then that. We will run through many useful items that are available to you. Then you will need to consider and reviewed what you want from these points.

-Checking for variances, shrinkage and / or theft

This is almost as important as the stocktake valuation. We will be showing you how to determine how much of a problem you have here. We will also show you how to identify where it is happening.

-General Discussion

Got anything you wish to add or comment, go for it here.

To join, go to  at 10 am!

Hope to see you then.

While you are there, why not go to the POS Solutions Facebook Page and like us? That way you will be informed on future webinars too.

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