This is the most common error we find in profit calculations.


What tends to happen here is that a person rings us up and announces that somehow their figures do not add up. As a rule here, our system will say something that does not add up with the accountant.

Okay, this invariably is what has happened. Note the steps that cause the error. Like many problematic errors, every step along the way is correct. It's the overall result that is wrong. That is what makes it so hard to find so stumping the accountant.

Say you have a credit with your supplier of $200. The supplier sends you $1,000 worth of goods on invoice A100. You claim the $200 credit and pay the supplier the difference on invoice A100. What can happen is that you enter that these goods on invoice A100 cost $800. As such, the profit owing is now incorrectly calculated.

You need to differentiate the credit which is easy to do in our POS system. Otherwise, you will cause an error in calculating the cost of goods sold which mucks up your profits figures. This also will produce an error in the analysis of your gross profit and net income, which is why the accountant picks it up.

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