This Google Map Trick You should know


This Google Map trick can save you a lot of time at work. I use it a lot, and I was surprised that they did not know this trick when I was talking to a client. So here it is.

We rarely make trips from point A to point B in business. What we tend to do is when we leave work to have a few places to go too.

See the instructions here.


Now say I want to go from work to

) Shop in Dandenong

) A shopping centre in Keysborough South

) A shopping centre in Keysborough

and then come back to work

This trip will take me 42 minutes based on current road conditions.


Now since I can see the route, I change the stops slightly

Now my trip is 40 minutes


Since I think I can do better, I changed it again. Now it is done in 38 minutes.

So I have saved about 10% of my trip time.

When you have like ten destinations, the saving can be considerable.

Give it a go!

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