There's a good business lesson to be learned here.


The owner of a restaurant in America for over 40 years is claiming in court that because Google allowed someone to hack his restaurant's listing, so it destroyed his business.

What happened was the opening hours in his Google Maps listing was changed to show that he was closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. As such he claims that the business takings were reduced by 75 per cent.  He probably has little hope of winning as in the US, crowdsourced websites such as Google Maps are immune from prosecution because the content is not provided by the company, but by users of the website or service. 


Apparently this restaurant  isn’t the only business that has reported problems with its Google Maps and Places listings. How true it is, I do not know. I noticed the reviews of the restaurant do not look that good and you would think after 40 years, the regulars in the restaurant would know better. Still, it shows the importance of checking your online profile.