The top choice now for a computer among our customers


This computer is the most popular with our customers now for their POS System.

This upgrade to our new computers will solve many headaches for you.

Key Benefits of these computers

- Small Footprint: On the front counter, it takes up as much room as a monitor. 

-Big screen: These ones are 17 inches, which is excellent for those people who find it hard to read small writing on the screen.

Front screen

-Customer display: A nice big customer display that is free with the unit

Customer display

- Touch Screen Capability: It has a touch screen, yet costs the same as a regular monitor. When processing on the checkout, a touch is much faster and more natural.

- Looks modern: An outdated computer monitor sends a terrible message to your customers.

- This thing in the middle is a powerful computer that effectively takes no space on the counter. It's an i5 with plenty of RAM.

Side view

- Cost Savings: If you priced out a monitor, customer display, and computer separately, there would be substantial savings versus this all-in-one unit.  

- Durability for Shop Environments: The computer is designed to withstand the harsh, dusty, and dirty conditions typical of a shop environment.

Reliable Customer Support

Of course, getting value from your investment comes with great support.

  • 24/7 technical support - We know this equipment, so we can often quickly troubleshoot any issues. In truth, we have had very few with them.

  • Hardware warranty - 1 year warranty is included.

Our customer support team has your back so you can focus on running your business, not troubleshooting POS problems.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more here.


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