Showcasing specialty Chocolates in your shop


Right now, Australia's specialised chocolate industry is booming.

Chocolate sales in Australia over the past few years

The Australian chocolate Market is anticipated to project robust growth during the forecast period on account of rising health awareness, rising disposable income, and rising demand for chocolates among children. .. Moreover, among the key factors influencing the growth of the chocolate market in Australia are consumer healthy choices and the rising demand for premium chocolates.

Here is a list of some advantages of considering these specialist chocolates in your shop, the big one, little discussed is positioning.

-Halloween is coming up, and so is Christmas, and what one product do they have in common: massive chocolate sales? Just about any marketing season or occasion has massive increases in chocolate sales in retail. People buy chocolates for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, etc. Almost all holiday season provides significant opportunities for chocolate sales in retail

- Chocolate is an easy, profitable product to add for holidays with solid margins

- The product lines are relatively easy to handle. Your POS System can handle them now. For most suppliers, our systems can import directly the chocolate lines into your POS Software.

- Specialty/artisanal chocolates help small shops stand out from supermarkets as a retailer can pick a brand that the large retailers in their area do not handle. Carrying unique holiday chocolate varieties from local/niche makers delights and attracts customers

- Plenty of impulse purchases from customers not planning to buy chocolate


Effective merchandising is vital to maximising sales and profits for retailers looking to add high-quality, artisanal chocolates to their product range. Unlike mass-market chocolate bars in every supermarket, high-specialty chocolates rely on careful positioning and promotion to capture their target audience. Here are some best practices for small shops to showcase unique chocolate offerings.

Place Specialty Chocolates in Secondary Locations

The most apparent, central areas of a store with the most foot traffic are best reserved for faster turnover essentials like snacks, beverages and impulse purchases. Specialty chocolates don’t necessarily need to occupy prime real estate since their buyers intentionally seek them out. They are tucking chocolate displays into a secondary nook that rewards those willing to explore. Discerning chocolate shoppers appreciate browsing interesting selections in a tucked-away section of the shop rather than crowded front shelves. They can use relatively dead areas in your shop.

Visual Appeal with Packaging

Part of chocolate’s appeal is visual. These chocolates come in beautiful packaging, glossy wrappers and box designs. You can arrange packaged chocolates of varying sizes and shapes for an abundance effect. 


With specialty chocolate, small details in presentation and positioning make a significant difference in sales outcomes. When introducing high-quality chocolate lines, consider optimal placement and creative promotion. The effort pays off in delighted customers and profitable returns.

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