The latest improvements in your Data Protection


Your Improved Data Protection in your POS Software

You are lucky if you did not receive a notification last month on a data breach involving your personal information. Buy a lottery ticket now; it's a beauty. For the rest, it's time to upgrade your security, so your POS system's new version has an upgraded password controller.

Doing research, we discovered that Microsoft and Google now demand at least eight (8) characters; after some discussion, we adopted the Microsoft standard below as all our clients use it on their windows computers.

When someone enters a new password on the screen below, they will see the following.

A note highlighted in green contains what a password should have.

Now see the blue arrow.

It shows graphically, like a thermometer, how well the software rates the password. This allows you to check that your employee has made an acceptable password without you seeing their private password.

Red = no good
Yellow = almost passable
Green = Okay

We have made it optional that the password must be okay. It is your choice if you want to run with a substandard password. However, consider that the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), which is being upgraded, could soon have one of the most severe financial penalties for data privacy violations in the world. Fines for large businesses potentially reach hundreds of millions of dollars. How your small businesses will be affected is unclear now but if you want to know your company's status now, click here.

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