The frenzy stockpiling of toilet paper


Right now because of coronavirus. We are in the middle of a shopping frenzy for toilet paper.  Shops have entirely sold out even though many are getting daily deliveries.

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I confess I do not understand why, if someone had or suspected to have it, yes I could understand them mass hoarding, a family with two (2) weeks isolation needs a supply but not this?


Old-timers and farm boys know of an old solution, do you remember this?

Anyway, the problem some of my clients face now is that they have customers coming in trying to buy toilet paper and they have none to sell. One of them sent me a checklist of what his chain sent on what they suggest that you do if this happens to you.

1) Try to get more supply, do your best. One of my clients managed to get some commercial toilet paper from a cleaning company. Its not good stuff but at least he got something.

2) Accept the importance of the issue to your client, whatever you think, to the customer, it is crucial, and it is your responsibility to act on the issue.  Tell them the truth that you are trying your best. If they want as supply comes in, that you are prepared to keep some for them in a special order.

3) Above all, stay calm.


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