The Cost of Neglecting POS Hardware care


Understanding the Effects of POS Hardware Failure on Retail Businesses

Point of sale (POS) systems are essential to retail businesses. They enable customers to make purchases quickly and easily and provide the company with valuable sales data. A dependable Point of Sale (POS) system is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Unfortunately, POS equipment is susceptible to hardware failures like any other electronic device.

POS Hardware Failures

Operator upset computer not working

Printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and touchscreens are just a few of the hardware components that make up POS systems. Hardware failures can result from these parts getting worn out or damaged over time. Power surges, accidental drops, and software glitches are typical causes of POS hardware failure.

Effects of POS Hardware Failures on Retail Businesses

Computer failing


Hardware failures can disrupt retail businesses' day-to-day operations. Long lines, dissatisfied customers, and lost sales are all possible outcomes. Hardware failures can completely halt business operations and result in extreme financial losses. Also, your workers will be less productive and more frustrated.

Additionally, if your EFTPOS goes down, you won't be able to process payments, which can cost you 50% of your business, according to what I've seen. 

Early Warning Signs of Computer Equipment

Look for these warning signs that it is about to fail. Some signs are increased noise levels, sluggish performance, unusual sounds, and frequent crashes. Monitoring for these warning signs can assist businesses in preparing for a failure before it occurs. But it is impossible to predict how long the equipment will continue to function.

> Keeping an Eye Out for Warning Signs!

Equipment that isn't working correctly

If the equipment doesn't work, you can decide to fix or replace it.

Running equipment that isn't working well


Sometimes, though, the equipment works for a while and then starts failing more and more. Often, failure can take a long time, like the old car, where the repair bills started going up till the owner said enough.

At home, I have a ten-year-old monitor playing up but still working. So, I keep it running. For the past year, it has been a problem.

Stay away from the used market. 

Here, it's common for people to buy new equipment and then try to sell it while the old stuff works. I recommend purchasing it if it is of a reputable brand and has a good warranty.

A low-quality power supply was brought by one of my customers. It has resulted in performance issues, and system crashes. 

I've seen performance issues like slow data transfer speeds, poor signal quality, and system instability from low-quality cables.

Minimise the Impact of Computer Equipment Failure

Avoiding Critical Systems

Most importantly, if you continue using defective equipment, you must ensure that it is not a part of a critical system, such as a server. Even if this equipment fails, your system will continue to function.

> Minimize its impact by avoiding such critical systems. 

My hobby computer now uses my above monitor as a second screen. I have another working screen on a machine, so it won't bother me too much if it fails if it plays up.


Your computer equipment functions longer if it is cleaned regularly. Over time, dust and debris can build up and hinder the regular operation of the components. This results in overheating and other performance issues. Removing dust and debris from the fans, vents, and other areas prone to accumulation is part of regular cleaning. Someone can use a soft cloth and some elbow juice. When cleaning, it's also important to be gentle and not to blow dust around.

> Cleaning your computer regularly can help it last longer and run better.

The Benefits of getting Performing Routine Maintenance

If you perform routine maintenance on your POS hardware, you can lessen your risk of hardware failure and ensure that your system runs better. Care and regular checking can spot many potential problems before they become serious. 

Contacting Us

In the event of problems, you can contact us for help. We have a hardware department to help our customers troubleshoot and to resolve hardware issues.


Any retail business's smooth operation depends on having a dependable POS system. POS hardware failures can result in significant disruptions, lost sales, and decreased productivity. To avoid potential issues, consider investing in timely maintenance. Monitor your POS hardware for warning signs. Regularly cleaning the hardware components can also help the system last longer and perform at its best.


> Our hardware department is always available for support and assistance in resolving hardware failures if you run into any issues.

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